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The Super Affiliate Club is designed for those entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level.

A subscription to the Super Affiliate Club gets you instant access to:

* Live Traffic Case Studies

* Weekly Webinars

* Money Mindmaps

* Traffic Packs

* Plug and Play Marketing Tools

* And much more!

Featured Resources
Confessions of a Marketing Addict...Confessions of a Marketing Addict...
I have a confession to make...



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How to Crush It in 2011!How to Crush It in 2011!
On this very special webinar I'll be showing you how to take your business to the next level in 2011!



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Webinar Replay - The Traffic Dashboard Launch Uncovered!Webinar Replay - The Traffic Dashboard Launch Uncovered!
In this very special webinar I'm going to give you a Behind-The-Scenes look at the 'Traffic Dashaboard' launch.

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Webinar Replay - Rapid Product CreationWebinar Replay - Rapid Product Creation
On this very special LIVE webinar you're going to learn how to create your very own product in 48 hours or less.


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How to Recruit Super AffiliatesHow to Recruit Super Affiliates
I've recorded a very special fireside chat that shows a step-by-step formula for attracting the top super affiliates to promote your product. Enjoy!


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Breakthrough Marketing CallBreakthrough Marketing Call
In the Breakthrough Marketing Call below we're going to break through the fluff and the hype and show you the exact steps to creating a six-figure business online.

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Webinar Replay - Hidden Traffic SourcesWebinar Replay - Hidden Traffic Sources
If you missed this webinar you'll definitely want to tune in for the repay. On the call you'll discover some of my favorite hidden traffic sources.

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LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 9LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 9
In Part 9 of our LIVE SEO Case Study I'll be showing you a 7-Step Process to ensure that all of your backlinks are 'seen' and counted by Google.

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LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 8LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 8
In Part 8 of our LIVE SEO Case Study I'll be showing you how to use Nuclear Link Blaster to put your profile links on complete autopilot.



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LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 7LIVE SEO Case Study - Part 7
In part 7 of our LIVE SEO Case Study we're discussing one of my favorite strategies for getting hundreds of high-quality backlinks. In this call I'm going to show you over-the-shoulder exactly how to build a network of profile links and the best software to automate the process... . . . keep reading

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